Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Christian's Sister (Night Ranger)

Language: Dutch

Saw some long, drawn-out VH1 special a couple days ago, the best 100 videos of the 80s or something like that. I was terribly disappointed when they got to #2, and then even more disappointed when they hit #1. No Tina Turner anywhere in the top 100, yet somebody found room for Journey and Def Leppard and Foreigner and shit. This song made it to #32, if this tells you anything about the quality of the selections.


P.S. I note with some pride that, of the 100 songs, Babelpop! has already covered 14 of them [(1) (8) (10) (16) (29) (32) (34) (37) (49) (53) (59) (62) (63) (79)], and have several others in varying stages of preparation. So clearly I have my finger on the pulse of something or other.

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The Christian's sister
came. (Oh, she had the time!)
You don't know no longer; only some of you
say "OK." You go where you want:
those boys want to play
"Where Is It" with you.

You're motoring:
what price for your flight?
In finding Sir Right,
tonight is already right for you.

Babe, you grew this way rapidly, which you
have blamed. And mummies
don't make themselves.
Who was worried that you said, let's play
. Says the sister of the Christian,
"Don't give so much of that up: you
are living it before your time."
Yes, it's been inappropriate.

is your price for flight. What
you have in your face is him,
floating by, and
(Your price for the night flight) What
is finding Sir Right?
You're already his tonight, right?

is your price for flight. What,
in finding Sir Right,
is right? You've already come tonight. [repeat]

The Christian's sister is
the time, oh,
and you say that some of you are
O.K. Say,
"But we're motoring,
we're motoring."

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