Friday, July 07, 2006

It Needs You This Evening (INXS)

Language: French

Time for an SAT question!

What word best completes the sentence?

Depeche Mode is to religion as INXS is to __________________.

A. Australia
B. chicks
C. sex
D. Michael Hutchence

(see end of post for the answer)

Answer to question: C (sex)

All INXS songs are about sex1 in some fashion or another, with the possible single exception of "Listen Like Thieves," but as with Depeche Mode's treatment of religion, they rarely progress the song beyond "I want to have sex with you" or "you should want to have sex with me." All talk, no consummation. In fact, a surprising number of INXS songs don't even specify a gender for the object of the song ("Bitter Tears," "Disappear," "Don't Change," "Mystify," "Never Tear Us Apart," "New Sensation," "Not Enough Time," "What You Need"), instead using what I like to think of as The K. D. Lang You™. Deliberate? Closeted songwriter? The mind almost reels at the possible explanations.

If you answered B (chicks), give yourself half credit. They do try to give the impression that it's all about the chicks.


1 At least those up until Michael Hutchence died in 1997, after which I totally lost interest. What do you suppose is up with the recent morbid turn in these introductions, huh?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You're everything. You obtained
this twenty-first moment yesterday. Century of
worry: "all you can want."
It's a fact that everyone does well.

Slide here and give me one moment; thus,
your movements are believable. So when
have I made you know
each other? I have made you know that
each is another of my kind.

I need you this evening;
don't sleep. I cause. . .
something. The girl is there, among you,
who incites me to sweat.

How do you feel
to me? Am I alone?
What do you think
all cannot take?
Whatcha going to him
for? To make it go?

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