Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Joey (Concrete Blonde)

Language: Russian

Another random sort of post to clean up old songs that were done a while ago.

The husband and I spent a good chunk of yesterday watching the "Battlestar Galactica" original miniseries, which neither of us had seen before, though we also pretty much knew what was going to happen, since we've been watching since the top of Season 31. It was damn good anyway. Way better than any given episode of "Friends," though the episode where Joey dates the really hot girl who turns out to be a robot, inadvertently triggering the near-extinction of the human race, comes close, and in retrospect was probably ripped off a bit by the "Battlestar Galactica" people.2

The DVD arrived at a fortuitous time, since the husband and I were both in a bit of pain: I'd been achy all day, and stayed home from work on the theory that I might be coming down with something (results inconclusive; I'm going in today), and he did something to his hip and wasn't feeling so hot either. I also got "BG" season one in the mail, from Amazon, which is what we're going to be watching on slow nights this week, I guess.


1I.e., this current season, '06-'07.

2I think it's called "The One With the Near-Extinction of the Human Race." Fourth season?
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Baby Joey won't get the crazy
detour fences. I get defensive,
which is me. I know you heard everything before – she
doesn't say more than I do – therefore,
observe. I prepare myself, exactly as you war your secret war.
I used to be interested in why, although
I was dry, too. I used to begin to cry.
Still, I get pain inside, sometimes: strange.
I hurt, therefore . . . oh, if you'll be Joey –

Joey, honey - I obtained certain money,
which listens to forgiveness. It was entire; it listens to itself.
If I seem to imply that it's confused, then I, you, and it didn't go
away with me. I was frightened when you said, "I guess."
(It frightened you too? Good. Away, you and it!)
But before we obtained the luckiest times,
you were out of there. Somewhere.
I'm more angry at the floor, and if –
Joey, oh, I was not outside.

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