Monday, November 20, 2006

My Breath Makes Examination Absent (Berlin)

Language: Portuguese

Not a lot to say about this one; I have the same associations with it that everybody else does (1986, Top Gun, Tom Cruise), and the outcome here of the Babelpopping isn't especially noteworthy, except insofar as it's resulted in more polysyllabic words than usual.

Keep Babelpop in your thoughts as we move towards Thanksgiving: this is no week for ordinary mortals to be working in retail grocery stores.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Giving attention to each movement in the foolish game of my loving,
one finally doesn't know shame. In the infinite loving of this ocean, no
one turns inside to some private place. It returns, and that
slow turnaround gives you attention as you say (with the movement),

"Remove my breath;
the absent ones are taking my breath."

Giving attention to you, I remain, still anticipating the love. Waiting on yourself
is never fated: that hesitation will change that.
They return to some private place for hiding, and they turn that (the
slow movement says to turn). And all the while, you give attention to

the absentee examination of my breath.

I moved away through the hourglass; the time slid
when all function left me. They called it "the mirror,"
and it turned. I heard it ask
if I was only unafraid for today.

"Remove my breath;
the absent ones are taking my breath."

Attention to each movement of this fool-loving game
haunted me, for the notion that I'm someplace in flames --
I return to some private place inside. They turn that there, and that
gave attention in the slow movement. As you turn me, he says

"To remove my love,
I remove my breath."

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