Sunday, July 02, 2006

White Wedding (Billy Idol)

Language: Russian

The holiday is going to be interfering with posting for a little while. I'm also having some real-life problems which are demanding some attention, so expect posts to be a bit lighter than usual during the next week or so.


Hey, small sister, they have made you
only one sister of small sisters. Hey, there will be
Superman! Hey, who will be your small sister?
Hey, one of you small sisters: he wants
the small gun sister survey! Hey!

It will be – it is! – a glorious day, which
by necessity begins again.
A day with a glorious
white wedding will be. For which the
glorious day will be, by
which it begins again, necessarily.

Hey – have you made the small sister?
Only one? Which small sister is – hey!
Therefore, I am for absent length. [therefore by length]
Therefore, I am for absent length. [therefore by length]
Length prevented you, so I go for it.

It will be by glorious day,
necessary to begin it again (further against), which
it will be with glorious day.
White for the wedding,
glorious, which it will be by day,
to begin again which is necessary.

(select it upward)

It will accept me back home.
This peace is there. In nothin' correctly,
safe peace will be in nothin', which this
will be. And in this confident peace, nothin'
will be nothin'. Purely in this peace, and
something to the left of this peace: start looking in it
They come further.

It will be glorious by day.
White for the wedding,
glorious – which it will be by day –
it is beginning again. Necessary to which
day? Will it be glorious
white for the wedding?
It will be a glorious day, by which
it is necessary to begin again.

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stan said...

This one's really good too. I like when they seem really stilted and robotic and sort of mysteriously pseudo-profound