Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Luka (Suzanne Vega)

Language: Russian

Luka shows an unexpected bossy side. This one's no abused, pitiful waif! But even so: who is her mysterious interrogator?


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My name will be Luka,
which, I live in the second field.
I live upstairs from you:
Yes, I think you saw me before.

If you hear something late tonight,
a certain form of anxiety, a certain form of fighting,
then you won't ask me if it was valid.
You won't ask me. It was correct.
You will not ask me if it was.

I think it is because it's clumsy.
I attempt not to have loud talks.
Possibly because I'm crazy,
I attempt not to act too proud.

They only strike as long as you haven't begun to cry,
and after that you don't ask why.
You don't exactly argue more.
You don't exactly argue more.
You don't exactly argue more.

Yes I think I'll be okay.
I went for a walk into the door again, in the best way.
If you ask, then which will I say?
It won't be your matter one way or the other.
Which I guess that's broken;
it wanted to be one from anything, nothing.

You'll ask me exactly: is it valid?
You will not ask me: am I valid?
You will not ask me, myself.

Prevent Our Talk About Sex (Salt-n-Pepa)

Language: Russian

One of the annoying / delightful surprises about the babelfishing process with Russian is that the word "let" invariably winds up getting twisted into "prevent." I have no explanation for why this should be so, but it comes up a lot here.The overall effect is annoying, but in these days of abstinence-based sex ed, virginity pledges, gay marriage backlash, and so on, it's at least kind of timely.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Punch it, Hurb.

Yo, I don't think we must talk about this. Does it come further?
Why not?
People could misunderstand. We attempt to talk, you know?
No, but the facts will be part of the life.

Come on.

Prevent our talk about sex, baby,
prevent our talk about you and me.
They prevented our talk about all good and bad things.
They can prevent our talk about sex;
they prevented our talk about sex;
they'll prevent our talk about sex;
they'd prevent our talk about sex.

Prevent our talk about sex for now –
to the house people in the crowd, it holds.
Come up anyhow. It don't make a decoy,
to avoid or to make free space,
because that don't stop it now.
We talk about sex at its exhibitions (which it is),
and video shows -- you know all that already.
Nobody prevented us, it goes,
and it'd be as it was, and of course, as it must be.
They think it dirty in order to select: to select the needle upward.
Which stops us, Pep? The interruption of pressure, or its turn of will?
(I entirely doubt it, after this.)
I come further, twist!

Hot to go, at a trot, makes any sighted men flap it.
He uses it to get her, not with me after it is obtained.
Men drool as fools, but then again,
they only love chicken and were impacted
because her body was thunder gold, pearl ruby, diamond nothing –
she was always carried crazily, she is always the date of the state chapters.
Men taste like lawyers or doctors, no one was too large for her.
Get even with, or mess with, this Prez: he says the following was on his list.
She believes I'm good. There truly won't be a man living she couldn't get next to.
She had everything in the bag herself, therefore, she must be glad,
but she was mad and sad and feeling poorly about the things she never had.
Any love? Valid sex, followed by checking the note: "Yesterday there was dope."

Prevent our talk about sex, baby (ripen him!).
We prevent your talk about us (ripen him, ripen him!).
We prevent your talk about all possible good and bad things.
They prevent our talk about sex (further),
we prevent your talk about sex (make it)
prevent our talk about sex (uh-huh),
we prevent your talk about sex.

Lady, all ladies, louder now, help me after they're further,
all ladies: "Prevent our talk about sex, all right?"

(Yo, Pep, I don't think they're gonna play this on the radio.
Why not? Each has a sex, which is my intention, each must make love.
Come further. How many guys you know make love?)

Baby Obtained Back (Sir Mix-a-Lot)

Language: Russian

I'm not entirely happy with the way this one turned out. First, it's long. Second, it's really damned hard to keep any semblance of the rhythm with rap music when half the words are turning into other words. Third, the funnier the song is to begin with, the less absurd it seems when you put it through the Babelfish process. So in general, more funny = less satisfying. (There are exceptions: check back to see how "I'm Gonna Getcha Good," by Shania Twain, turned out. Kuh-rEEpy.)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

But I did it anyway, so by God I'm going to post it. Thank you for your time.

[Oh, my, god Becky, view her butt. She's this large.
She is related to one of those rap guys' girlfriends.
But you know, who can understand those rap guys?
They only speak to her because, she's like a complete prostitute, okay?
I will validate her butt: it's so large.
I cannot believe that it is real.
It'll be as round, outside there, as it wants to grow.
You'll look! It will be so validated... by blackness!]

I love large butts and I cannot lie
you other brothers cannot refuse
that when a girl goes for a walk inside
with an itty bitty waist and round thing in your side,
is which you do get hoppin',
want to pull out your rough
because you do note
that butt was deeply filled (it will be, by me)
you'll fasten. I cannot stop staring at you, baby.
Oh, I do want to get with you and accept your image.
My homeboys asked, in order to warn me,
but with that butt you was gettin' to me; I'm this horny
Do you speak? Does she want to get in my Benz?
In the best way, use me, use me
because you won't be from those average groupies,
I saw which it is that they dance hell with romancin'
by it it is sweated, moistly, after I got to it
going as turbo corvette
It is my tired cassette-speaking butts.
My apartment will be taking the average black person
to ask him how she got it that packed
So much rear. To fellows! (yeah!) Fellows! (yeah!)
Your girlfriend has gotten a butt? (hell yeah!)
Say to them to shake it! (shake it!)
You shake it! (shake it!)
You shake that healthily gore! Baby obtained back!

(side LA with Oakland booty) baby obtained back!

I love when they round me off
and it is large. When I throw a gig,
it is what I can't exactly soak,
I act as an animal, now here will be my scandal
I want to get to your house
and ugh, ugh, ugh, I do not tell them about Playboy
because the silicone parts are made for the toys
I want them real and juicy, therefore I find that a juicy
dual Mix up series it finds in the anxiety
entreating for that bubble, therefore I see videos
of rock Stucah-kneed bimbos, going for a walk as hoes
you can have them bimbos; I will hold women like Flo Jo
and to the soul sisters, I want to get with you,
I will not curse; I will not strike you,
but I get that straight when I say
me, he wants *to fuck* as long as the breach of the dawn baby
Don't get him goin' to set simps
this song will not fall in love because they punks
they love to strike it and to end him and me
would remain and would rehearse sufficiently because
I long, and I strong, and I will be up to get further friction.
So, lady! {yeah!} Ladies! {yeah}
if you want to roll up in my Mercedes, then {yeah!}
Turn all around after this! Put it outside!
Even they obtained that – the white boys got back, baby!

Baby got back!
Yeah, baby... when it comes to the women,
Cosmo got nothing to do with my selection.
36-24-36? Ha ha, only if it is there.

So your girlfriend rolls up a Honda,
to play fund tapes of Fonda workout,
but did not get a motor in the tail end.
Its my Honda, which was an anaconda,
he wants none if we do not get a bun, copper.
you can make onboard bends, or sit,
but if you please, do not lose the butt
which some brothers want to play that "difficult" role
and tell you that butt not will be gold
therefore toss 'em, leave 'em, and
I pull up rapidly so that I retrieve 'em,
So Cosmo calls you fat? Good!
I do not lower with the fact!
Because your waist is small and your curves kick
and I think about to –
Put to beanpole dames in the cassettes:
You not will be it, miss thing!
Give your sister to me; I cannot resist her.
Red beans and figs did not pass her
Certain knuckleheads asked to disrespect
because his girls, they are on my list,
it is what it played, but it he selected
to strike them and I pull out upward rapidly
in order to get with them. So ladies, if you butt around,
and you want downward motion three times X,
you collect 1-900-MIXINGSERIES and kick them,
then the nasty baby of thoughts got back!
(Few in the middle, but by it I got much rear)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

If I Could Turn Back, Then Time (Cher)

Language: Russian

Easy for Cher to talk about the attainability of a star. The rest of us find stardom a little tougher to get to.
But hey -- knife puppetry!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If I could turn back, then time --
If I could find a road,
then I would accept back those words.
They hurt you and you remained.

I do not know why I made things,
I was what it made.
I do not know why I said it.
The pride of things (said as knife:) can cut off deep internal words.
As weapons they wound, sometimes.

By me, actually.
They did not intend to hurt you, she did not wanna see.
He knows I made you cry, only a baby.

If I could turn back, then time --
If I could find a road,
then I would accept back those words.
They hurt you and you remained.
If I could contact stars,
I would give them everything.
They would fall in love with me after this,
love me as you used to. They make me.
If I could turn back, then time --

My peace was destroyed, by me, after it was torn away.
Someone isolated was governed by it.
I accepted those knives deeply in my heart.
You took a walk from that door.
I swore that I did not care about it,
but I lost everything, darling, after this there.

It is too strong to tell you in order.
I was too proud then.
In order to say my untruth to you,
I know that I was blind, and ooh...

Ooohh if could turn back, then time --
if I could turn back, then time --
if I could turn back, then times, baby, ooh

I actually did not intend to hurt you.
I did not want to see you go.
He knows I made you cry.
Ooohh . . .

If I could turn back, then time --
If I could find a road which I would accept,
I could take back those words.
They hurt you.

If I could reach a star,
then I would give them all to you after this.
You or they would fall in love with me,
will fall in love with me,
as you used to.

If I could turn back, then time.
(turning time back)
If I could find a road, then after this, possibly.
(finding the baby of road)
Possibly you would remain!
The attainability of a star,
If I could reach the star.

The Fields of Gold (Sting)

Language: Russian

This one just didn't go anywhere in particular. Which isn't surprising, since the original song didn't either. Some songs resist going anywhere, even under duress.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You will recall me
when the western wind will move
in the fields of barley.
You will forget the sun, in which proportion in its jealous sky.
But us, we will go for a walk into the fields of gold.

So she it accepted as it love.
To gaze awhile in the fields of barley
in its handles, was what
she felt, like its hair.
They arrived downward among poured gold.

You will remain with me, will you?
They were by my love among poured barley.
Let us forget the sun in his jealous sky
in proportion to us, lying in the fields of gold.

See which western wind moves as a lover,
therefore, in the fields of barley.
Feel that its body will raise when you kiss its mouth.
Among poured-on gold, it is.
I never made it promises,
and certainly I broke that, but I swear.
In the days still to the left,
let us take a walk into the fields of gold.
Let us take a walk into the fields of gold.

They passed many years in the form of those days of summer.
they see that the children run among poured-on barley.
In proportion to the sun, it goes downward among gold, which
you will recall when the western wind moves
in the fields of barley.
You can say the sun in its jealous sky
took a walk into the fields of gold.
When we, they, took a walk into the fields of gold.
When they took a walk into the fields of gold.

Crucify (Tori Amos)

Language: Russian

Another example, here, of a babelfishing twisting the original meaning into something entirely different: check out lines 2-4 in particular. I also think this version sounds a lot sadder, somehow, than the original, mainly (I think) on the strength of "I make it good for you," in the chorus.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Each finger in the room indicates me.
I spit in their sides after this, and
I am frightened that it could bring me
a bowling ball in my stomach.
I already obtained a desert in my mouth.
I calculate that my courage selected to sell us now.

I looked for a savior in these dirty streets;
I am looking for a savior under these dirty sheets.
I raised upward on my hands
in order to govern another nail.
Exactly one more God than victim.

Why do we crucify each day, crucify
nothing? I make it good for you.
I crucify enough each day
that my heart will be patient, located in the chains.

Have a kick for the dog,
which entreated for its love.
I.e., Go, it has my suffering,
so I have my cross.

I know the tomcat, Easter.
He speaks "You will always teach
the empty girl of a valid cell
if you kill a bird."

Then I looked for a savior in these dirty streets
I am looking for a savior under these dirty sheets
I raised it upward, on my hands,
in order to govern by another nail
(after I obtained sufficient guilt
to begin in my own religion).
If you please,
in order to be
the exception, I weep.

Why do we crucify each day,
crucify nothing? I make it good for you.
I crucify enough each day
that my heart will be patient, located in the chains.

More Closely (nine inch nails)

Language: Russian

This one was begging to be done; I don't think it was really necessary, though. Aside from the chorus, which makes me giggle, I think maybe I didn't mess it up enough.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You prevent me destroying you, you prevent me desecrating you.
You prevent me to cut you, you prevent me complicating you.
You help me. I broke apart my interior.
You help me. I obtain no soul which is necessary to sell.
I help the only thing which works for me,
helps me to obtain from yourselves.

I want to fuck you, you love animal;
I want to feel you from the interior.
I want to fuck you; you love
my animal. Entirely flawed existence
is closer to God.

You can have my isolation, it can have a hatred to you, which they bring
to you, they can have my absence of faith, they can have everything.
Soak me, tear my reason away, your sex (which I can smell) helps me,
I help me. You make me perfected. Help me go to somebody else.

I want to fuck you, you love animal;
I want to feel you from the interior.
I want to fuck you; you love my animal.
Entirely flawed existence
is closer to God.

Through each forest, above the shafts
inside my stomach, scraped from my elbows,
I drink honey inside your hives,
you will be a reason I remain living.

Piggy (nine inch nails)

Language: Russian

I could maybe have worked harder on making this flow a little more coherently, but it contains my favorite line of any of them so far: "Hey pig of all pigs, the pig of the pig of the pig is my insurance." That's telling him!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hey pig.
Yeah, you.
Hey pig of all pigs, the pig of the pig of the pig
is my insurance. They arrived truly
black and the blue. Broken bones: you left one entirely here.
My piggy, was which something necessarily new.
Nothing can stop me now.
I do not worry more than
anything can stop me now
(exactly). I do not worry.
Hey pig.
Any turning of the road? I planned it.
Hey pig. Will there be many things you could understand? Soak it to me.
I assumed it would be me, in order to make me
lose my shit. Because of you
nothing can stop me now.
I do not worry more than anything.
I can stop myself now, me exactly.
I do not worry about anything.
I can stop me now. You're more myself.

Large Person With the Gun (nine inch nails)

Language: Russian

This whole song tickles me. It's so, you know, INTENSE. I would have expected the babelfished version to be a little more mundane, just because most of the time babelfishing brings songs closer to the ordinary, but instead it's even more over the top. "I will make you to suck it, possibly:" that's good stuff.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I will be the large person
(yes, me)
and I have the large gun.
The large old Dick was brought to me and I,
I love to have fun,
which they hold against your forehead.
I will make you to suck it, possibly; I
will place an opening in your head,
you know, exactly for fucking it.
I can decrease you if I want.
I devour.
Think of me hard as fucking steel, and I obtain force.
I will be each inch a man, and I will show you somehow.
Me and my fucking gun:
"nothing can stop me now" is removed.
The shoot of the shoot of the shoot of shooting. . . .
I arrive everywhere.
Me and my fucking gun
Me and my fucking the gun

Downward From the House (Talking Heads)

Language: Russian

This is the one that started everything. I don't know why I did it in the first place, but I was hooked, I think, when I noticed how dramatically different the first four lines were in meaning from the original song.

Lines like "Entirely moist -- hey you could dream," or "Furthermore: to go, it tore up the flame," were just gravy.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Watch what you could obtain after
cold babies. Strange, but no stranger.
I will be the usual guy
of grief from the house.

Not downward, hold tightly, expectation
above possession. Inside, for the nasty weather.
There has got to be expensive grief
downward from the house.

Here's your packet, ticket, bag: time to skip outside.
Transportation, here.
Closely, sufficiently, but too far (possibly you know where),
warfire with the fire.

Entirely moist – hey you could dream.
Shake down a raincoat, go for a walk in extensive daylight
of three hundred, sixty, five degrees of grief
downward from the house

It was once on the spot sometimes; it listens to itself
to go, it comes in first.
People of place on their road to work. (Baby, it made you. Furthermore:
to go, it tore up the flame.)

My house, from ordinariness
will be power. He wants not to hurt no one.
Something's confident. It is which conserved jar? It protects me from my feet of grief, downward from the house

Any visible middles of support, and you did not see anything,
but all it put together.
Me he does not know. you hope. Staring into fire, television,
warring with the fire.