Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Prevent Our Talk About Sex (Salt-n-Pepa)

Language: Russian

One of the annoying / delightful surprises about the babelfishing process with Russian is that the word "let" invariably winds up getting twisted into "prevent." I have no explanation for why this should be so, but it comes up a lot here.The overall effect is annoying, but in these days of abstinence-based sex ed, virginity pledges, gay marriage backlash, and so on, it's at least kind of timely.


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Punch it, Hurb.

Yo, I don't think we must talk about this. Does it come further?
Why not?
People could misunderstand. We attempt to talk, you know?
No, but the facts will be part of the life.

Come on.

Prevent our talk about sex, baby,
prevent our talk about you and me.
They prevented our talk about all good and bad things.
They can prevent our talk about sex;
they prevented our talk about sex;
they'll prevent our talk about sex;
they'd prevent our talk about sex.

Prevent our talk about sex for now –
to the house people in the crowd, it holds.
Come up anyhow. It don't make a decoy,
to avoid or to make free space,
because that don't stop it now.
We talk about sex at its exhibitions (which it is),
and video shows -- you know all that already.
Nobody prevented us, it goes,
and it'd be as it was, and of course, as it must be.
They think it dirty in order to select: to select the needle upward.
Which stops us, Pep? The interruption of pressure, or its turn of will?
(I entirely doubt it, after this.)
I come further, twist!

Hot to go, at a trot, makes any sighted men flap it.
He uses it to get her, not with me after it is obtained.
Men drool as fools, but then again,
they only love chicken and were impacted
because her body was thunder gold, pearl ruby, diamond nothing –
she was always carried crazily, she is always the date of the state chapters.
Men taste like lawyers or doctors, no one was too large for her.
Get even with, or mess with, this Prez: he says the following was on his list.
She believes I'm good. There truly won't be a man living she couldn't get next to.
She had everything in the bag herself, therefore, she must be glad,
but she was mad and sad and feeling poorly about the things she never had.
Any love? Valid sex, followed by checking the note: "Yesterday there was dope."

Prevent our talk about sex, baby (ripen him!).
We prevent your talk about us (ripen him, ripen him!).
We prevent your talk about all possible good and bad things.
They prevent our talk about sex (further),
we prevent your talk about sex (make it)
prevent our talk about sex (uh-huh),
we prevent your talk about sex.

Lady, all ladies, louder now, help me after they're further,
all ladies: "Prevent our talk about sex, all right?"

(Yo, Pep, I don't think they're gonna play this on the radio.
Why not? Each has a sex, which is my intention, each must make love.
Come further. How many guys you know make love?)

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