Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Baby Obtained Back (Sir Mix-a-Lot)

Language: Russian

I'm not entirely happy with the way this one turned out. First, it's long. Second, it's really damned hard to keep any semblance of the rhythm with rap music when half the words are turning into other words. Third, the funnier the song is to begin with, the less absurd it seems when you put it through the Babelfish process. So in general, more funny = less satisfying. (There are exceptions: check back to see how "I'm Gonna Getcha Good," by Shania Twain, turned out. Kuh-rEEpy.)


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But I did it anyway, so by God I'm going to post it. Thank you for your time.

[Oh, my, god Becky, view her butt. She's this large.
She is related to one of those rap guys' girlfriends.
But you know, who can understand those rap guys?
They only speak to her because, she's like a complete prostitute, okay?
I will validate her butt: it's so large.
I cannot believe that it is real.
It'll be as round, outside there, as it wants to grow.
You'll look! It will be so validated... by blackness!]

I love large butts and I cannot lie
you other brothers cannot refuse
that when a girl goes for a walk inside
with an itty bitty waist and round thing in your side,
is which you do get hoppin',
want to pull out your rough
because you do note
that butt was deeply filled (it will be, by me)
you'll fasten. I cannot stop staring at you, baby.
Oh, I do want to get with you and accept your image.
My homeboys asked, in order to warn me,
but with that butt you was gettin' to me; I'm this horny
Do you speak? Does she want to get in my Benz?
In the best way, use me, use me
because you won't be from those average groupies,
I saw which it is that they dance hell with romancin'
by it it is sweated, moistly, after I got to it
going as turbo corvette
It is my tired cassette-speaking butts.
My apartment will be taking the average black person
to ask him how she got it that packed
So much rear. To fellows! (yeah!) Fellows! (yeah!)
Your girlfriend has gotten a butt? (hell yeah!)
Say to them to shake it! (shake it!)
You shake it! (shake it!)
You shake that healthily gore! Baby obtained back!

(side LA with Oakland booty) baby obtained back!

I love when they round me off
and it is large. When I throw a gig,
it is what I can't exactly soak,
I act as an animal, now here will be my scandal
I want to get to your house
and ugh, ugh, ugh, I do not tell them about Playboy
because the silicone parts are made for the toys
I want them real and juicy, therefore I find that a juicy
dual Mix up series it finds in the anxiety
entreating for that bubble, therefore I see videos
of rock Stucah-kneed bimbos, going for a walk as hoes
you can have them bimbos; I will hold women like Flo Jo
and to the soul sisters, I want to get with you,
I will not curse; I will not strike you,
but I get that straight when I say
me, he wants *to fuck* as long as the breach of the dawn baby
Don't get him goin' to set simps
this song will not fall in love because they punks
they love to strike it and to end him and me
would remain and would rehearse sufficiently because
I long, and I strong, and I will be up to get further friction.
So, lady! {yeah!} Ladies! {yeah}
if you want to roll up in my Mercedes, then {yeah!}
Turn all around after this! Put it outside!
Even they obtained that – the white boys got back, baby!

Baby got back!
Yeah, baby... when it comes to the women,
Cosmo got nothing to do with my selection.
36-24-36? Ha ha, only if it is there.

So your girlfriend rolls up a Honda,
to play fund tapes of Fonda workout,
but did not get a motor in the tail end.
Its my Honda, which was an anaconda,
he wants none if we do not get a bun, copper.
you can make onboard bends, or sit,
but if you please, do not lose the butt
which some brothers want to play that "difficult" role
and tell you that butt not will be gold
therefore toss 'em, leave 'em, and
I pull up rapidly so that I retrieve 'em,
So Cosmo calls you fat? Good!
I do not lower with the fact!
Because your waist is small and your curves kick
and I think about to –
Put to beanpole dames in the cassettes:
You not will be it, miss thing!
Give your sister to me; I cannot resist her.
Red beans and figs did not pass her
Certain knuckleheads asked to disrespect
because his girls, they are on my list,
it is what it played, but it he selected
to strike them and I pull out upward rapidly
in order to get with them. So ladies, if you butt around,
and you want downward motion three times X,
you collect 1-900-MIXINGSERIES and kick them,
then the nasty baby of thoughts got back!
(Few in the middle, but by it I got much rear)

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