Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Felt a Voice (Bananarama)

Language: Italian

Well, first off, I'd like to thank everybody for your thoughts and prayers yesterday: yesterday was so slow at work it was actually somewhat painful. This wouldn't be a slow day at any other grocery store in the area: before Thanksgiving, people buy food. The week after is the slow one. But my store is different. This had a number of people somewhat depressed.

The other thing is that the rumors I've been hearing for a couple weeks about various department heads leaving their departments turn out to be true. This doesn't affect me directly, but it means that for a while, I'm going to have to look like a moron whenever somebody asks me a question pertaining to one of those departments, because there will be nobody to refer the question to.

But, I guess, if this keeps up, there will soon be no customers around to ask questions anyway.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Who has need of friends who never show? I don't
wish to know what you'll say to that.
A broken heart could conserve
the wish, if you'd discovered it in order.

He hardly thinks, next to me. Those nights that
I waited for your call, when the sun had
uncovered all my friends, until I had rights --
I haven't known. Ooh, ooh: that's all.

Ooh, I felt a voice; ooh, they felt a voice.
They say that you have obtained a broken heart.
Ooh, I've felt a voice; ooh, yes, boy,
I've felt a voice, ooh.

The hour seems to be telling me
that you can sense the bad changes.
According to probability, you'd have given me a child, but
I was much too frightened.

Therefore, realize that what you have made has been damaged,
and the love you've thrown
can be forgotten soon, like I will.
It's never going to be the same one.




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