Thursday, August 03, 2006

Help! (Beatles)

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No picture for this one, because I didn't have a good one to begin with, and the connection keeps timing out on me besides.

So I had, over the weekend, the worst moving experience of my life so far, despite the fact that the move was less than a block away. It had all the requisite elements for misery, though: high heat index (which was worsened by the fact that the route we were forced to take to get to the new place included three spots where exhaust from one or more air conditioners blew directly on us), sleep deprivation (I was up for about 30 hours), bitchy hovering apartment manager, nausea (from the heatstroke), and far far more crap to move than had been anticipated. My parents drove up to help with the move, but even then we were running hours behind schedule. Much of the cleaning had to be dispensed with, which means reduced deposit return.

Also, the air conditioning wasn't working in the new place, which now makes three consecutive moves for me where the air conditioning hasn't been working when I moved into a new place during July. I suspect this means something, but the only thing I can guess is that God just hates me, which I had suspected anyway.

Also there was no refrigerator, the promised new carpet was unfinished, and the promised new linoleum wasn't even being gestured at. Two of these things (AC and refrigerator) are working now, but even so. The high-speed internet connection that the husband and I were to be using is failing to work properly so far, the local channels on our DirecTV are coming in only in two or three second bursts between extended periods of darkness (and there aren't nearly as many non-local channels as we'd been led to believe, when you eliminate the sports channels and the shopping channels), the ceiling above the showerhead was water-stained, moldy, and partly peeled-off, and we were only able to move freely from room to room as of about yesterday. So there are plenty of things yet to be dealt with.

Not only the worst moving experience of my life, but there's not even any serious competition. My parents, who have had some relatively nightmarish moving experiences themselves, concur. Worst. Move. Ever.

Posting forecast: continued light and patchy.


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Help! Aid me, someone!
Anybody! Aid!
Someone who knows me: aid!

When I was too young, so much younger than today,
anybody never (necessarily) soaked in any road.
But these days went; therefore, I'm not convinced of my own personality,
now I find myself thought over and revealed, up on the doors.

Help me if you can, then. I feel down
around, and I appreciate you.
You get my rear feet on the earth. Do you help me,
if you please? Will you please help me?

And my life has now changed many roads. Oh, it seems that they disappear in
my independence, in the haze,
but I feel insecure after each, therefore, and now this.
I know that I never exactly made it as you, earlier.

Help me downward if you can, then. I feel you,
and I appreciate you around.
You will my rear feet onto the earth. Help me obtain you.
You will help me if you please, if you please.

When I was young, so much younger than today, I
never soaked anybody in any road, necessarily.
But now the days aren't convinced, therefore their own personality is gone. I
thought it over, and now I find it revealed to me, up on the doors.

Help me downward if you can, then. I feel
you around, and I appreciate it.
Help me, you will obtain my feet rear on the earth, you
if you please, will if you please help me, help me, help me, oh.

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