Saturday, July 29, 2006

I Shot the Sheriff (Bob Marley)

A hearty greeting to those visiting us from King of Zembla! We have arranged for a troupe of Zemblan dancers to present a medley of native dances, which starts in about half an hour.

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Language: Greek

I'm not sure what to say about this one. The husband and I continue the moving process: painting was done Friday morning and now we're waiting for new carpet and linoleum. Also there are issues with the bathroom, like how it's moldy and rusty and filthy and falling apart. The apartment manager is supposed to tend to the bathroom, but it's not known exactly when this is going to happen: it could end up being after we've moved. Probably will be, in fact, because 1) she's got a lot of more urgent stuff on her mind at the moment, and 2) she's pissed at us for using too much paint during the repainting and getting too much on the carpet pad.


Neither Babelpop! nor its contributors, nor Blogger, nor anybody at all, really, that I'm aware of, condones the shooting of sheriffs, their assistants / deputies, or anyone else connected with law enforcement, though we might be willing to make an exception in the case of self-defense. Babelpop! and its affiliates, contributors, etc. wish to emphasize that the shooting of the Sheriff of Ashland County, Ohio (pictured) is not being advocated despite his photo being shown above. It was just that his was the first picture I, Jessica M. Guilford, ran across and decided to use for purposes of this post. 'Cause of how he's all sexy and stuff.
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(I shot the sheriff,
but didn't shoot no assistant, Oh, no! Oh!
I shot the sheriff,
but didn't shoot no assistant, ooh, ooh, oo-ooh.)
Yes! A domestic all around my city,
they try to discover me.
They say that they want me; they bring in guilt
for the murder of an assistant,
for the life of an assistant.
But I say:

Oh, now, now. Oh!
(I shot the sheriff.) The sheriff.
(But under oath: he was alone in that. I'm put on the defensive.)
Oh, No! (Ooh, ooh, oo-oh) Yes!
I say: I shot the sheriff – Oh, Lord! –
(And they say that it's a main infringement.)
Yes! (Ooh, ooh, oo-oh) Yes!

The sheriff, John Brown, is always hateful,
I don't know what for.
Each time I planted a seed,
he said, "Before this killing is increased –
you kill them." He said that, before they were increased.
And thus:

You read about him in the news.
(I shot the sheriff.) Oh, Lord!
(But under oath: he was alone in that. I'm put on the defensive.)
Where was the assistant? (Oo-oh) She
said I shot the sheriff,
but, under oath: she is alone in that. I'm put on the defensive. (Oo-oh) Yes!

The freedom came my way one day
from the city: yes! And I began.
Suddenly, I saw John Brown, the sheriff,
Aiming downward, in order to bring me.
I shot -- I shot thusly -- I brought him down, and I say:
If I'm guilty, I'll pay.

(I shot the sheriff)
But I say (But I didn't shoot no assistants),
I did not shoot no assistant (Oh), oh no!
(I shot the sheriff.) !
But I didn't shoot no assistants. Oh! (Oo-oo-ooh)

I've had better reflections;
but: what you are should be what they are.
Each day is a bucket before the well,
one day is fall, outside, or the point just before,
one day is fall, outside, or the point just before.
I say:

I, I shot the sheriff;
God shot the assistant. Yes!
I, I (shot a sheriff) –
but I didn't shoot no assistants. Yes! No, yes!

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