Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Paint It (Rolling Stones)

Language: German

The husband and I are moving at the end of the month, or possibly slightly before; for the moment, we're trying to repaint the new place, so the landlord can get in and re-carpet, so we can move our stuff, so we can clean the old place, and so on and so forth. I spent about 7 hours painting yesterday; he spent longer. Thus, this song.

We're not painting anything black, as far as I'm aware. White mainly, and then one room in baby blue (no, I'm not pregnant, but it's good to be prepared, right?), one room in "Derby Green," which is somewhere in between a regular green and a dark green, and then there's going to be a maroonish wall in the living room. That's it. But there turn out to be lots of, you know, surfaces, in the place. You know how these things work.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I see it's black, and I didn't paint that red door black.
I wish it were black, or more colors, to
see. I wish the girl would turn to go in her summer clothes;
I mean, my density must turn to go, past a dressed head.

I see that line of cars, and they're all painted black.
My love, never to return with flowers, looks to see
people turn their heads to me.
Baby, you happen to them each day, straight as a newborn.

I look within me and see my black heart is
painted black. I see my red door and it
doesn't have facts, possibly: then I will be away, and
confront your simple world. It verges on the whole, if is black, not faded.

Any more saké? My blue sea goes a deeper green, a revolution.
This thing which you couldn't foresee happens.

If I adjust my sunned-in looks strongly enough,
my love will laugh with me when the morning comes.

I see that red door, and I didn't paint it black.
I turn to more colors: to wish it black
is past. The girls go see, dressed in summer clothes. I wish to her
that my head turned, my density would go.

Hmm, hmm, must hmm...

I would like to see it painted black:
black as a night, black, coal.
I would like to see the sky, would like the sun
painted out. See to it. I stained, painted, painted, painted that black.
Yeah, painted!

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