Friday, June 30, 2006

Uptown Girl (Billy Joel)

Language: Russian

When does a city become large enough to have a "downtown" and "uptown" neighborhood? Does somebody just declare it so, one day?

Iowa City, where I live presently, has a downtown but not (to my knowledge) an uptown. Will it get one, at some point? And when it does get one, how will you know when you're in it? Or is there some kind of technical definition, having to do with "up" and "down" in some way, so that Iowa City might have an uptown without anyone referring to it as such? Is it maybe just a part of town where everybody has a positive attitude? (And if so, why would this uptown girl in the song want to hang out with Billy Joel anyway?) These are the things that I think about, when it's late at night and I'm trying to think of interesting things to say about Billy Joel, which so far has happened only two times in my entire life but was difficult both times.

Tune in later, when I'll be investigating the difference between "backstreet boys" and "frontstreet boys." I suspect something sexual is involved.


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Uptown girl
lives in peace uptown: she
never had the rear of a street guy, I bet.
She told her mama why I never bet in her.

The uptown girl will attempt: I'm gonna be nearby.
She lives in her peace of white bread, which
is long in proportion to the hot jar of blood, as with any
urban person. And now she looks for it: me.

He knows when she
wants his time. From him
it spills upward, and
upward, and makes reasons when

he sees it. He's not exactly so rough, is he?
I won't, because I find the love
which is with you, uptown girl.
(Peace is in uptown, you know: I saw it.)
She is tired of her toys of the get-high type,
vs. present moments from boys. She is, and it's
uptown; it's got selection.

Uptown girl: you know I cannot make
your pearls' purchase possible,
but possibly someday, my ship will arrive, and
that will form the guy. (Understand: I'm inside of it.)
Also, I will win after this.

When she goes for a walk, she
looks precise, and when she speaks,
she will say it to me.

She will say it's not so rough, not
exactly, because I am located in the uptown love.
And girl, she lives in her peace of white bread. (Which is it?)
To any length, within proportion, as with the jar of hot blood,
and now she looks for the urban person

Uptown girls.
There she will be, by my uptown girl,
which is in the love I find, you know.
You're it, with uptown girls;
you know which: my uptown girl.
I will be in love with the uptown girl,
you, my uptown girl,
you know I will be in love
by an uptown girl, with
my uptown girl.

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