Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't Worry Yourselves; He's Against Government (Talking Heads)

Language: Russian

Francis asked me yesterday how I was feeling on "Election Eve," which made me realize -- this is very nearly the feeling I used to have on Christmas Eve as a kid. Except that on Christmas Eve, I wasn't anticipating that I might unwrap a box and have my face clawed off by badgers, which is still sort of (metaphorically) a possibility here.

I voted already; held my nose and marked the Governor dot for Chet Culver, even though I don't like him, because the alternative (Jim Nussle) is ridiculous (by Iowa standards; he'd seem the sober, rational alternative to somebody in Texas). So now it's all over but the waiting. Possibly I should have waited to vote until today, so I could still feel like there was something for me to do.

(I know, I know, I could be out there helping the Democrats GOTV and calling people and knocking on doors and whatever. It's just that it's kind of tough to get real fired up about a party whose only real voting hook is that they're not the Republicans. I mean, this particular election, not being Republican is good enough for me, but the Democrats have been useless -- Supreme Court nominations, PATRIOT Act, torture, gay marriage, stem cell research, abortion, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, estate tax, etc. -- and I don't feel it's fair to expect me to give them any more effort than they're willing to give me. Plus I have to work anyway.)

But so here we are. Hope everybody gets video games and ponies. No badgers! No badgers!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I see clouds move through the sky; they
see me. The wind moves clouds away,
over the building, it moves clouds by
living. I want to select a building.

I smell of the pine shafts and of peaches in the woods.
Pinecones fall by the highway, which I see.
There will be a highway which goes to the building:
I'll select a building I want to move into.

It's over there (It will be over there.):
my building has each of the conveniences.
It's gonna be for my lungs: these will make a life.
I will obtain things easily after I make this; it is gonna
fell in love with itself. (I will weaken somewhat independently.)

It fell in love with some, it fell in love with some of you who will visit the building;
accept the parks, and come up those highways to me.
I will be working, but if you come visit work,
I'll make myself put it down: my friends, they are important.

Do not make your uneasiness about me.
It would not worry itself about me. I'm what
you are. Do not make your uneasiness about me,
do not make your uneasiness about me.

I see positions through this large nation;
I see the laws made in Washington, D.C.
I examine my favorites; I think some
people think they work for me.

They fell in love; they are as valid as some. They use some civility;
therefore, they work it and they attempt it. Be strong, strong:
it is necessary to live in my building. I will be by the luckiest guy, who
has buildings for that. Soak them, so that they will go forward.




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Samantha Moss said...

We don't need no stinking badgers
We don't need no thought control