Monday, September 11, 2006

Eat Rich People (Aerosmith)

Language: Russian

I would like to be able to comment on the five-year anniversary of 9/11, but since everybody else already has, or is, or will be, there's not much left to be said. I'm suspicious of the annual memorial orgies: I don't think they're meant to serve the interests of the families so much as the interests of certain politicians.

And, really, hasn't 9/11 done more than enough for GWB and Cheney already?


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I overslept good, up this morning
on the bed's incorrect side,
and I got to thinking
about all those things you spoke
(about usual people,
how they make you sick).
If hopes are called back, calling on you after this kicks,
then I'll make this trick.

The reason I'll be sick of your complaining
about how many calculations (and with me completely sick about your bitching),
your poodles and your pills, is
even I cannot exactly see any humor
about your road. I don't think life
can make it more for you.
With this here fork and knife . . .

Eat rich people: they are only good for one thing.
Eat the rich: accept one bite now - come back for much more.
Eat the rich: gotta get this from my chest of drawers.
Eat the rich: accept one bite now, then rest from the spitting.

So I head upward to my shrinker,
and I said to him, "Since I was made after you
said it would go to hope, 'the best' means you diet, yeah?
You have a certain fun, which
doesn't bubble?" Explosion. Go
on the rude people, get rich people off,
you will not get any reasoning from anxiety
when you eat that kinda food.
They're on, now smoking up junk fastenings,
and after this they get rigid. They go with themselves,
and they'll be dancing in the yacht club
with Biff and Uncle Muff,
your swine. There, one good thing occurs to Pearl.
When your mosque can try their shit,
they go real good with the Orientation wine.

Wake up your past, little-one, youth will be there by the half.
(Which will not actually be a date, but changes nothing.)
Ruth, you're an immense slammer, babe, but you
gotta learn to carry yourself as if
you will be swinging from a pearly strobe.
And now contemplate all the answers you obtained. Lo, were you
yourself? They obtained the right key, the incorrect key. But yo, baby ho!

Good in all things: believe
that you cannot purchase money, exactly. After this, got it?
No stomach pain will be
from pie eating, which is humble.
I believe the "Rags to Riches"
will not continue. Your inheritance;
your Poupon. Therefore, my gray friend assumed,
shove him up on your ass!

Eat rich people: they are only good for one thing.
Eat the rich: accept one bite now - come back for much more.
Eat the rich people: you won't stop me now, I'll be goin ' crazy.
I eat the rich people: that'll be my idea of a good time, baby.

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David Amulet said...

I like this version. I can hear it in my head now ...

-- david