Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Boasted Blue Overcoat (Leonard Cohen)

Language: Dutch

I'm afraid I don't have much of a comment on this one. I'm not even terribly familiar with the original version.

This counts as the third and final installment of the Rain trilogy because the original song mentions rain. More accurately, a raincoat, but let's don't quibble. I actually wanted to do "Wicked Rain," by Los Lobos, but I couldn't find lyrics and it was easier to pick a different song than it was to track them down. I'm not terribly disappointed with how it turned out, though it seems a little rough to me.

Yesterday was my first exposure to the new job. It bears an unfortunate resemblance to the old job.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It's four in the morning, the end of December to me.
You write now only to see, or to improve.
New York is cold, but I love where I'm living there:
the musical "Clinton" is on the street by the evening.

I hear that you built your small house. Now, the desert deeply
keeps you living for nothing. I hope one or the other of you types up the report.

Yes, and Jane came with a lock of your hair;
they said that you gave it to her. Beyond
that is the night. You were going clearly of which plan?
Did you ever go clearly?

Ah, the last time we looked at you this way, you were more parental (which
your boasted blue overcoat was torn at the shoulder),
you'd try to ("have to") meet the mail. Each train has
Lili, and you'd come to the house without Marlene.

And you, my woman, lived your life. A treat, a flake of --
and then she returned: she was nobody, a woman.

Well, I see you within your cogs,
one thinner gypsy. The robber
increased there, I see. Well, Jane's awake.

They send regards to it,
and to what is possible. I told you, my brother, my assassin,
what can I say? Perhaps
I assumed that you miss me, or I you.
I am forgiving you, in my manner. She's glad.

If you ever pass Jane or me,
your enemy will sleep, and its woman is freer here.

Yes, and thanks for the eye problem you took from her.
I thought it was there for good, so I never tried that.

And Jane came with a lock of your hair;
they said that you indicated her
clearly that night, that you were planning to go.

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