Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rain During November (Guns 'N Roses)

Language: Russian

Sorry I've been slacking off here. It's been sort of a busy last few days.

So now we come to "Rain During November." I remember seeing this song in endless rotation on MTV, once upon a time, but however many times I saw it, I never noticed what it was about. There was a famous (for the time) model in the video, I remember, and something about roses changing color, and a funeral scene, and of course lots of rain, but if I'd ever known that it was a breakup song, I'd forgotten that by the 500th time I saw the video. Which this was back in the days when MTV played videos occasionally.

It could, of course, be debated whether the song actually lost anything by being turned into a big-budget special effects extravaganza. Breakup songs are common, and pretty much all alike, after all.

In any case, going through the lyrics for this one, even if they weren't, for the most part, the actual lyrics, increased my respect for the song, and the band. Which was unexpected.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When I look into your eyes
I can see delayed love,
but darling, when I hold you
you make yourself feel the same
in order not to know me.

Nothing continues forever, because
hearts can change, and we both know
it's difficult to hold candles
in the cold rain during November.

After this is a much longer period
of precisely attempting to kill pain,
but lovers always come and lovers always go
and nobody actually prevents it.

Today: take a walk away.
If we can accept time
and place the line on it,
then I can rest my head.

Knowing that you're entirely mine,
if you want to fall in love with me after this,
darling, don't, or I will end up
on a walk into the cold rain of November.

You, for a while, on your –
You, for a while: entirely independent,
for a while. They make you
unaware that
you need a certain time, entirely independent.

I know holding the open heart, though difficult,
it'll even seem that outside friends
will harm you, but if we could cure you,
then the broken heart would
not be out of order, to charm you sometimes.

Me for a while – which was on some times.
Me for a while, each entirely independent,
for a while, they make you not know you need, in order . . . .
For a while, entirely independent myself.

When your fears subside
and shadows still remain,
they know from me that
you can fall in love with me,
when no one will be left.
So don't charge or
ever reason out the darkness;
we can still find where the road is.
'Cause nothing continues indefinitely,
even cold rain, during November.

Make you think that you don't need someone,
you make yourself think that you don't need someone,
which each someone needs. You aren't only alone. You aren't only someone.

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