Monday, June 12, 2006

Man of Pianos (Billy Joel)

Language: Spanish

I did this one in Spanish as well, mostly because I was curious about what Babelfish would do with the "la la la" parts. So how'd that work out for me? Ennh. Could have been worse.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Saturday. The nine regular shufflers of the crowd
and an old man there next to me, making his tonic and gin love:

He says, "Son, could you play one melodically?
I'm not really safe; that's how it goes.
It's sad and sweet, and the Complete One knew it
when I borrowed the clothes of a younger man."

The one of the one of,
of gives of (of of),
gives of gives of gives of (of of).

Sing us a song, you are the man of pianos.
Sing us a song tonight,
we are all for humor,
in one melody, you feel us.

Now Juan in the bar is my friend
who gets to drink me for free,
and he's fast to ignite a joke with his smoke,
but he would be above, somewhere.
Something says, "I think that this account is slaughtered, send me."
The smile worked, far from his affluent face.
"I could be a cinema star if she were safe;
she could leave this place."

Oh, the one of the (the one of the),
one of the the one of gives: of, of, of,
gives of, gives of, gives of, of, of.

Now Paul is a real-estate-property-novelist
who never had time for a wife
and he is talkin ' with Davy
and he still has on navy
and he's probably for the military life.
And the waiter is politically practiced
as the businessmen get slowly spotted;
yes, they're sharing a drink called only "solitude,"
but drinking is better.

Saturday. It's a quite good crowd,
and the one in charge gives a smile
'cause he knows she's been comin' to see me
to forget the life awhile.
Sounds like a carnival piano
and the scent of the microphone is a beer
and they're feeling the bar, bread and opinions
in my jar, "Man, what are you doing here."

Oh, the one of the the one of,
the one of the the one of gives of
of of, gives of gives of gives of of of.

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