Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'll Still Be Living (Pearl Jam)

Language: Russian

There are some very nice on-line sites for lyrics (Example), though in almost every case, the lyrics you can pick through appear to be user-submitted and indifferently edited. Some people are more careful about their spelling than others, which can lead to untranslatable words, or invented words. Some people are more conscientious about spellin' words the way ever'body sing 'em; some people Like To Capitalize The First Letter In Every Word Of The Song, for unknown reasons.

The person who gave us lyrics for this song (for the record, not from the site linked above) paid special attention to recording all the non-word noises, the "oohs" and "aahs" and "heys" and "yeahs" that are there more for punctuation than anything else. I never know what to do with these, since I don't really like reading them, and I don't like trying to edit around them, but at the same time, they're part of the song, and in some cases are the only vocalizations for large stretches of time, so mainly I've been leaving them in.

Read around them if you like. Nobody will mind.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Son, she said, I've obtained a small story for you.
You thought your dad was nothing, but...
(Thus far, you've sat home, independently, from period 13.)
Your real dad was to die. They're distressed you didn't see him,
but I was glad we had a talk...

Oh, oh, I'm still living
hey, I, oh, I'll still be living
hey I, oh, I'll be still living
hey... oh...

Oh, she goes for a walk, slowly, through the room of a young person
she said it was finished... for you.
I cannot recall that.
Nothing to this very day, with the exception of the blood, blood...
Oh, you know where.
Now I can't exactly see. (You yourselves will stare...)

I'll still be living
Hey, but I, I'll be still living
hey boy, I, I'll still be living by –
by, by . . .
I'm still living, yeah
Ooh yeah...
yeah yeah yeah...
oh... oh...

Something is incorrect, she said, in the best way of course.
"Will you still be lively?" is what she said.
Oh, but I deserve to be. Is that the question?
And if then, then if then,
then answers: it answers.

Oh, I'll still be living
hey I, oh, I'll still be living
hey, but I, I'll be still living
yeah I, ooh, I'm still living
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

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