Saturday, June 24, 2006

Digging in the Pollutant (Peter Gabriel)

Language: Greek

Dirt would be bad enough, but pollutant? Peter: just stop digging already. Start a support group or something.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Something within, dark and adhesive:
this doesn't take all hour. This powerful
sentiment cannot be continued, no way.
Very much as this, too.

This time, has it gone too much?
You have this long time: does it go to you too much?
You have this long time: you go much too far.
You, I said; you, I said; you, I said; you, I said.
This time you have it: I go too much.
I have too much time. You long to go to this.
You go too far, this time; I have much longer.
You I said, you I said, you I said, you I said.

You don't speak precisely;
nothing leads behind it.
It doesn't keep your hands in the tire,
it doesn't turn round.
He is for real, this
digging in the pollutant eve.
I need the support, with
digging in the pollutant.
Finds the places that took harm;
opens the places that took harm.

I find more to look at,
closer in. As blind as much above. So? Take
him in my head, consider him. I consider a toe in.
I consider him in my sex, this place of mine that goes.

This time has gone too much.
You have gone too long. This much time,
this long time, you have gone too far.
I said much to you, said to you, "you, I said; to you, I said."
This time I have it: you go too much.
I have to go too far, this time. You long much.
You, I said; you, I said; you, I said; you, I said.

Digging in the pollutant eve,
with the support I need.
Digging in the pollutant,
I took harm, in order to find the places. I
opened the places in order to take that harm.

Digging in the pollutant,
in order to we find the harmed places we took.

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