Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Little Girl of the Rubber Link (Kate Bush)

Language: Dutch

Well. Thanks to the one of you who wrote to ask how I was doing.

The answer is mostly, not all that well, though I'd be worse if I weren't collecting unemployment. I've never been very good at rebounding from problems, hence the song. Though I'm very good about being in denial that there are problems. Having had more practice with that.

Anyway. So I'm still around. And maybe I'll even get back to posting again semi-regularly, some day.


- - - - - - - - - - - -

To see which trees
bend in the wind
has more meaning than my destiny: then they found me.
You see, she tries against herself.

A rubber link plays at marbles to resist;
the rubber link bends the beats.
If I could learn what a rubber link is,
I'd return to my feet.
The rubber links my trousers,
the rubber stops linking the ponytails:
if I could learn to twang, such as a rubber link,
I'd be the little rubber link girl.
Me, the little rubber link girl!
Me, the little rubber link girl!
Oh, I have wanted to be a little rubber link girl.

When I slip
from my catapult,
I got my feet to land firmly. With
the body, let the wear in, for delays.


Give as a rubberband;
twang, such as a rubber link;
crack, such as a rubber link.


You won't keep one rubber link,
you won't keep two rubber links,
you won't keep three rubber links.

Here I go . . . .


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Samantha Moss said...

From one girl to another, I think you need to listen to "Star" by Belly, like, really loud? (Listen to the whole thing.)

When I do that now, it helps me remember what I thought I was going to be doing ten years from then.