Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lucy in the Sky With the Diamonds (Beatles)

Language: Russian

Watched a two-hour History Channel special on cults a night or two ago. In the special, it was claimed that Charles Manson had given LSD to the other members of the cult on a regular basis. Which, so far, so comprehensible. But then it went on to say something like "gave them LSD until they would do anything he said." When did LSD become a mind-control drug? And, if it was a mind-control drug, then wouldn't we see more of it around? Or is the main use of the mind-control to make us think that we're not being mind-controlled and we don't see any LSD laying around?

I mean, clearly Manson's girls were willing to do some pretty extreme things, and clearly there were drugs involved. But there's something missing from the cause-effect relationship here. Is all I'm saying.


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Depicted in a riverboat
with tangerine shafts, by marmalade skies,
someone calls you. You answer sufficiently slowly,
with eyes and a kaleidoscope girl.
Yellow and green cellophane flowers are
being raised above your head.
Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes,
and she is gone.
Lucy in the sky with the diamonds.
Follow it up to the bridge by the fountain
where horse people eat rocking marshmallow pies.
you are moved by each smile, in proportion to the flowers,
which grow incredibly high.
The taxis from newspapers appear on the coast,
in order to accept you.
You climb in the tail end with your head in the clouds,
and you are gone.
Lucy in the sky with the diamonds.
The image itself, on the train in the station,
where the porters of plasticine look to glass connections,
someone is unexpectedly located there on a turnstile,
to eyes with a kaleidoscope girl.

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Samantha Moss said...

Acid is groovy, kill the pigs.