Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shout (Tears for Fears)

Language: Dutch

First off, let's do note, because it's kind of amusing, that Tears for Fears becomes "Cracks for Apprehension" once it's been run through Babelfish in Dutch. This is slightly more interesting than what happens to "Tina Turner" in Italian, but not as good as what happens to "Tori Amos" in Italian.

I did not have a good day at work. Also I was offered a promotion. The two events weren't related to one another while I was at work, but my answer to one of these is likely to be influenced heavily by the other.

And there were other problems, which we'll not get into.

I don't really think that posting this song is going to be all that terribly useful as a venting mechanism, but I'm trying to do what I can, lest the husband suffer disproportionately for it.

The Babelfished song actually wound up sounding like it's about male prostitution. For all I know, though, that may be what the original song was about. Who knows who cares why bother.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

let it all these things
have me from outside.
Come on,
I can say that to you.

Your soul doesn't progress
in violent times,
and (blank) would have have sold well in black.
They really really would have known which track.
One opinion:
which working boy for you?
You named them all "good-bye."

For a joy, you wouldn't have jumped:
a kiss, a shout -- they must
give you a living.
Return this cold hell, and give in to that "you-for-them" way.
Ice them, since
we'll live to tell the tale. (I hope.)
When you shouted,
the guard took you below, and you had
a mind to change your love of your heart. I could really break.

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