Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Riders of Ghost in the Sky (Stan Jones)

Yes, you heard me: Stan Jones, which is why it’s “cowpoke” and not “cowboy”. I’m looking at you, Johnny Cash (“Johnny The Available Money” in Russian, N.B.).

This song is the basis for my understanding of “theology”.

Old cowpoke went to go of one dark and windy day,
On the ridge it rested in proportion to it, it went along its road
When, immediately, mighty the herd of the red color eyed of cow,
Was, which it he saw to hurry through the ragged skies, raises cloudy draw.

Their brands find still on the fire and their hooves were made of their steel,
Horns they were, which black and shiny and their hotter respiration you could feel
Bolt and fear it went through it, in proportion to they, they thundered to sky
It saw that the riders arrived strongly, and it heard their mournful cry

The riders of ghost
Yipie iego oh Yipie ii ay
In the sky

Their side, gaunt of their eye, was soiled to their jackets; by entirely self-possessed with sweat were
Which they, they will go strongly to the bolt that herd and they not will be grasped they
But to reason they obtains go forever in a number upward in the sky
On horses snorting fire... in proportion to they will go strongly, those that they cry

Riders they were relied further by it, and it heard one bell its name
“If you, you want to preserve your soul from hell, riding on our change
In the cowboy of a number after this your roads today, or with us you will go
To attempt to grasp this herd of the devil through these infinite skies.”

Riders of ghost
Yipie iego oh Yipie ii ay
In the riders of the ghost of sky
In the riders of the ghost of sky
In the sky

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