Sunday, June 25, 2006

House Doesn't Come to Drink (With Lovin' in Mind) (Loretta Lynn)

Language: Portuguese

Fans of the TV show "House" should be especially pleased by this entry, which is very nearly even factually accurate within the confines of the show. There's a random and uncorroborated bit of homoeroticism at the beginning, but otherwise it more or less confirms what we know: Dr. House doesn't go places to drink, probably because places where people go to drink have, you know, people in them, plus he's probably already drunk most of the time and therefore doesn't need to go anywhere.

Also, when he does drink, he doesn't do so because of love. 'Cause that would involve loving someone in the first place. And don't even talk to me about Sela Ward. He doesn't love her. You know it, I know it, the comotose patient in room 449 knows it. He doesn't even love himself, and if I've learned anything from all my years of television-watching, it's that If you don't love yourself, then nobody else can love you. So Q.E.D.

I assume the "she" who types a lot during the song is Dr. Cuddy, but I'm not sure we've ever actually seen her typing anything, so I'm calling this unconfirmed for the time being. Anybody who has any information about typing during the show should e-mail me.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well you thought that I'd be above waiting,
the last night you loaded that home. When you
been with all the boys, it's finished for you,
and you're partially firm.

But liquor and love
don't only mix:
behind the license, the bottle, or me,
House don't come to drink, and he
loves within his mind.

None come to drink. House does not
joust in his sojourn of the mind,
for he loves the city. Back in with
what you can find: she doesn't see.
Because if you want that, she will type the
needs (the well, the mine).
None of the love: you don't
come home to drink, thus,
loving's not within your mind.

You never examine me anywhere.
Because you're always gone,
I woke up one night, and placed many
up here, where I cried out all alone.
And then he comes inside, kissing in me –
it happens at all times.

House doesn't come to drink;
none of his number do. With loving in mind,
House doesn't come to drink.
In his joust of the mind, loving it, with a sojourn
in the city, he's back
and he doesn't see what you found,
because if you want to type this up,
well, you don't need no love of mine.

Thus, House doesn't come to drink
with loving in his mind.
No, House doesn't come to drink
with loving in his mind.

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