Friday, June 23, 2006

Crashes of Lightning (Live)

For those who either don't already know, or wouldn't care if they did know, my apartment building, or at least something in the vicinity, was struck by lightning last Tuesday, which sucked. Mainly because it knocked out my phone service, which has since been restored. However, restoration of the phone service means that I was able to find out that my modem got fried. Consequently, there's going to be a bit of a hiatus on my end, until such time as I can get on-line from my home.

Anyway. So this was the only song that seemed appropriate, under the circumstances. I don't recall, and didn't write down, what language it went through. Let's say Dutch. Everybody likes Dutch.


UPDATE: It turns out that the song was run in Greek. (Sorry, Sammie.) My modem remains fried, but the husband's wasn't, so we've switched them out and I have access again, though it seems somehow slower than it used to be, and it was already really slow. (I'm not complaining, though I will be soon enough.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The lightning crashes: the shout of a new mother.
Her placenta falls in the floor.
That angel opens her eyes, and
places confusion in
the doctor before he can even close the door.

Lightning. An old mother crashes and dies of the
intentions in the floor. Her fall
closed her angel's eyes.
That confusion was all hers:
the baby now belongs in the under-room.

Oh, now he considers returning again; the
Air Forces are rolling a thunder that engraves,
pulling from the ground center again.
I can consider him.

The lightning is shattered; the mothers of the new cry,
waiting for him in this moment.
That angel opens her eyes,
presents the pale blue colored iris,
circles and hides the glory: puts it outside.

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Samantha Moss said...

My favorite cocktail is a Dutch Placenta*, so I hope you're remembering right. -S

* Red Bull, Cognac and Somatomammotropin